Time for Dumplings

Dumpling Depot at Sunnyvale, CA

Chinese Dumpling ( Jiaozi) is a traditional Chinese food, which are essential holidays in Northern 


We offer variety of Soup Noodle & QQ Noodle 

Healthy Side Dishes

Refreshing and healthy flavorful side dishes


Our Story Begins In The East

Delicious handmade dumplings, soup dumplings and noodles! Many flavors to choose from! We promise you won't be disappointed with our high quality dumplings.  We also have many vegetarian dumplings and dishes to choose from.  Come to check us out near Downtown Sunnyvale! 美味可口,全手工制作, 不同口味的饺子,上海小笼包,和北方小吃,保证不会让您失望!


"When you drink the water, remember the spring"

Yin Shui Si Yuan